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Best Giving Circle Award (Black Philanthropy & Foundations)

Many people have asked us, what a giving circle is? We have decided to give you a little background information on giving circles, matched with ways our nominees are giving back through their circles.

Giving circles are rapidly becoming a popular way for individuals to get together and embark on their philanthropic impulses. Giving circles can be small and informal, something like a neighborly potluck, with a few people pooling their money and giving it to a chosen charity; or they can be highly organized, require contributions of thousands of dollars and a commitment of many years. We are so glad to see so many giving circles in the black community, but there is room for more, consider starting your own circle.

Black Benefactors
The Black Benefactors is a social investment club comprised of individual members, local businesses and organizations that are dedicated to addressing the societal ills facing the African American community. Also known as a giving circle, member donations are pooled with the donations of other members to significantly contribute to the causes we care about. The Black Benefactors provides grants to organizations serving African American children, youth and families in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. In 2010 they provided grants totaling $9,000 to three organizations in their first year.

I am a huge supporter of Black Benefactors, they were recently featured in Ebony Magazine for their giving and they are doing amazing things in the DMV. Tracey Webb is amazing, she is generally vested in our communities through her giving circle and her blog BlackGivesBack.com. I can always count on Tracey for news in our community as it relates to philanthropy. I am proud to nominate her for the Best Giving Circle award.

Black Women for Black Girls
Black Women for Black Girls is a giving circle that seeks to amass knowledge and financial resources that will support organizations committed to the empowerment of black girls in New York City. While there are many prominent girls advocacy and support groups in New York City – Girls Incorporated of New York City among others – and there are several organizations with a commitment to women and girls both locally and even nationally and internationally – notably the Ms. Foundation, the New York Women’s Foundation, and The Sister Fund – none of these organizations has an explicit focus on black girls, nor do they call upon the resources of women who were once those girls: professional black women in the New York City metropolitan area. Black Women for Black Girls is changing that. It is a giving circle that calls upon black women to be leaders who will support their younger sisters as they try to attain life success in a difficult urban environment.

Greetings BCG, I am writing to nominate the organization Black Women for Black Girls as a recipient if the black philanthropy and giving circle award. In the New York area they are making waves in the philanthropy community and giving to organizations that will make the world a better place for women and girls for years to come. They have supported in the past organizations including Black Girls Rock and FFAWN. It is because of support from Black Women for Black Girls that organizations like Black Girls Rock can continue to flourish in our community. Black Women for Black Girls is well deserving of this honor.

A Legacy of Tradition (ALOT)
A Legacy of Tradition (ALOT) is a Giving Circle comprised of ordinary African American men. Its members are collectively engaged and focused on impacting and bridging the societal gaps faced by African-American males in the areas of education, collective giving, and community responsibility. ALOT is located in Raleigh, NC.

It is with great pleasure that I nominate my husband’s organization A Legacy of Tradition (ALOT) for your Best Giving Circle. My husband is a member of this organization based in North Carolina, he has been a member since 2007 and I have watched this all male organization provide countless grants to organizations that needed it most. So many people will fill their mouths to say negative things upon negative things about our black men, but here is an organization that is combating that negative black male image and doing positive things that will influence our society for years to come. I wholeheartedly believe they are deserving of this honor.

Mitchell Kapor Foundation
The Mitchell Kapor (KAY-por) Foundation is a family foundation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They support organizations that provoke social change in communities of color en route to equality. The foundation recognizes that social change occurs on a continuum between communities and systems. Along that spectrum, we provide financial resources and assist with efforts to galvanize a compelling force for social change. Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Mitchell Kapor in 1997, the Foundation hopes to positively contribute to larger social change through working with community partners and philanthropic peers. We employ three strategies in pursuit of our mission: grant-making and community partnerships, collaboration with other funders, and technical assistance to organizations.

I have known Mr.Cedric Brown for many years and I am ever impressed with the work he is doing as he leads the Mitchell Kapor Foundation here in the San Fransisco bay area. What they are doing with the College Bound Brotherhood should be nationally featured because the work is simply outstanding. I attending their last graduation and to see so many young black men benefiting from this program that will go on and make our world a better place warms my heart. I would like to nomination the Mitchell Kapor Foundation and College Bound Brotherhood for the best foundation award.

Next Generation of African American Philanthropists
NGAAP is a philanthropic vehicle that promotes collective giving of time, talent and treasure (T3). As a collective group, members of NGAAP pool their contributions and strategically invest improving the quality of life for African Americans in North Carolina ’s Triangle Region. Members of the NGAAP FUND are African-American men and women from diverse backgrounds with a broad spectrum of experiences who are interested in becoming strategic philanthropists. Committed to working with and learning from others, they use their collective talents, time, and treasure to improve life for African-Americans and build a legacy of African-American philanthropy.

Since 2004, NGAAP in Charlotte has been focused on simply giving back which is the mission of BCG. I am first so glad to see you have a category for Giving Circles because to often people forget about the ones who empower other to give. Focused on areas including education and finance, the group is doing some positive things for nearly 8 years running. Please look further into this organization and consider them for your great honor.

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