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In the heart of our country, lies a bunch of givers, read more about our finalists below!

Ad-Hoc Group Against Crime
This organization deserve to receive this BCG Award because there is a need in this KCMO community for Ad-Hoc and they are certainly available for the people of Kansas City to utilize when there is the need. The homicide rate in Kansas City is very high and there are a lot of grieving families out there in need of comfort. Ad-Hoc help full fill this need with monthly Survival Meetings. This helps the family members cope with their lost. When a child is missing or just run off Mr. Alvin Brooks and his staff take the time and talk to the family members.He even get on the radio and do a plead for their safe return. The Ad-Hoc office is a resourceful place for answers to all most any question including police complaints, reporting drug activity or when a family ask for Prayer Vigil they are always their to assist. When a family cannot pay for the burial of their love one the Ad-Hoc will do the best in their ability to help the grieving family out. So, please consider this deserving organization your wonderful BCG Award Thank you and may God Bless.

R.U.B.I.E.S, Inc.
RUBIES Inc. has made a significant mark on Kansas City, MO. Taking the time to empower and cultivate young ladies through community based initiatives like “Hard Rock to a Gem” and “No Boys Allowed”. These programs target the different difficulties encountered during the journey to womanhood. Taking the time to explain, or help young ladies to define, what it is to not be afraid of your potential and have the courage to dream vividly. RUBIES Inc looks to help flourish a young lady into a well rounded global woman. Taking into account the importance of exposure to different cultures, the need for mentorship and the great role education plays in opening doors and bursting through glass ceilings. RUBIES Inc saw the need for a program that wasn’t ubiquitous and impersonal, but tailor made for young ladies who needed someone to see them.

Do Foundation
Kelly Adolph along with her artist Brian O’Neal created a not for profit organization in Michigan dedicated to eradicating homelessness. She single handedly took all the steps needed included filing and completely the paper necessary for the organization to receive its exemption. Kelly dedicates countless hours, days, months and years to helping those in need. With success in placing several families with children in homes, she works closely with each of them to ensure their success in regaining a life of self sufficiency. Who better deserving of a change maker and what organization better deserving of Midwest Non Profit more than Kelly and DOF.

Emmett Till Legacy Foundation
The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation dedicates and prides itself in creating a legacy of hope and in recognizing the achievements of our youth and adults. This organization has launched The National “Never Again” Movement and Pledge, created in hopes to have all generations from across the world that are conscious of the rise of racism, hatred, and modern day lynching and it’s impact on the youth for generations to come. They ask youth the following questions: What are they willing to stand up against and what are they willing to stand up for? This movement and pledge prevents these injustices and crimes from happening.We shall never forget what has happened and never allow it to happen again.

They have created:
“Hear My Voice Are You Listening?!” a youth rally to give students a chance for their voice to be heard in the community. ETLF also gives out scholarships to youth to further their education in honor of Emmett Till and co supports/promotes An annual HBCU College Tour.

They also produce “Loving From The Inside Out” a powerful life changing Women’s Empowerment Symposium in honor of Mamie Till Mobley, Emmett Till’s Mother, where they honor other Women of Courage.

What they are doing is wonderful and it’s part of our history.

Youth With a Positive Direction
In 1989 Mrs. Walker is the founder and CEO of Youth With a Positive Direction, where her mission is to encourage and train young people to live positive and productive lives in the inner city, by resisting negative influences and accentuating the positive through mentoring, peer leadership, life skills, computer technology, artistic activities, performing arts, instrumental music classes, and the utilization of community services. The program has been going strong since it’s inception. Please visit their website at
Through out the years Mrs. Walker and this program have touch so many young peoples lives, and helped change the direction of the youth. They help them with there homework, family problems, peer pressure, anti drug and alcohol programs, and anti-violence. This program lets the kids channel there energies into something positive. It teaches the kids to feel good about themselves, and that they can have a better life for themselves. Mrs. Walker is also the Chairman of the local Cease Fire organization. She is all about helping children. She is the Black version of Mother Teresa. She volunteers countless hours day after day, to YWAPD after school program and never tires of helping those in need. Mrs. Walker deserves to be the winner of the Non-profit Organization of the Year for the midwest region.

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  1. Mrs. Walker-Youth With a Positve Direction (Decatur, IL) has done so much with our children of this community. She has touched the lives of many. Her efforts are unending. She is a wonderful role model and she never changes. Love you, sister.

  2. Sis.Walker is a blessing to ourcommunity. She has given her time and self to making sure she gives opportunity to the families she comes in contact too. Not only does she help the children with after school care she provides children who many not have the finances to participate in a variety of things that allow them to find out there abilities. She never thinks about self but the needs of her children. She is a precious jewel and I am honored and privileged to know her and to be apart and have seen first had the work she does. Thank you Sis.Walker we all love you!

  3. 200% all for the DOFoundation. The needs of human beings are real, reality is a challenge for the homeless who are absolutely without a home, family, no place of rest, cold, hungry. It is no mystery who is behind providing comforting immediate needs of the homeless. This man, Brian O’Neal, also musician, Humanitarian along with extraorfinary people as Kelly Adolph and DOers, help enrich the homeless human lives with 100% of what is donated to the foundation from other human lives. The organization needs ongoing contributions or until theres an end to homelessness. The organization has experienced its share of downfalls when robberies occurred more than once, continuing to help despite the situation. Deserving of all votes, cast your ballots for the DOFoundation!


  4. Sis. Walker, You have been a great access to this community> I want you to know your hard work and giving of yourself is so appreciated by many. We love you. keep up the good work

  5. Kansas City, the heart of the nation, has two outstanding non-profits eligible for votes. They are determined to take back our city through the development of youth programming and mentorship. I am a product of the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime and would not be the person I am today without community leaders akin to Alvin Brooks, Calvin Neal, Vivian Jones, Carol Johnson, Lillian Bittaye and others!!! God bless our community!

  6. black celebrity giving as i said before mr, brain oneal at the do foundation. is a very hard working person and he really care about people’s i never meet , anyone like him and i don’t think i will when you get out on the street late at night just to. see how the other half live’s and stay out there for days on end to get a feel. to see how to better help someone what do that tell you this is a very careing person and that what he is i wonder my self do he ever get any sleep he’s always. trying to find better way’s of helping someone we need more of this person so please give. him the brake that he needs thank you and god bless all of you…..

  7. Simply the BEST!!!!!!!

  8. Thank God for these programs, we love the kids.

  9. Best youth group ever!

  10. I voted for R.U.B.I.E.S. for fostering greatness in young ladies and reminding them that they have the ability to reach their highest goals in life, and succeed in areas many felt they could not because of labels, a family’s socio economic status or any other box that society may have tried to put them in. A rose is still a rose, no matter where it is planted and should always have the opportunity to blossom.

  11. Sis. Walker is such an inspiration to our community! Thank you for the guidance and support that you have given parents and children throughout the years! May GOD continue to bless you and YWAPD! If I could vote a million times, I surely would!

  12. RUBIES is a great nonprofit that is making moves in Kansas City and future plans, all over. They are showing young girls the importance of education self worth and volunteerism. Glad they were recognized and hope they win!

  13. 100 % DO FOUNDATION!!!!!!!!!

  14. YWAPD has been one of the most influential youth programs in Central Illinois by far!
    Talk about an organization that helps their youth keeping them captivated, involved and off the streets. There is such a passion and a drive to help youth in this community. It’s amazing to see the great young leaders they are cultivating. YWAPD promotes education, arts, health, nutrition and most of all, giving back to others. This award will be an honor as well as a blessing for this program. I am so thankful for Mrs. Walker being in my life as a mentor. Through her vision and plan to help youth, she has been able to touch the lives of many youth and their families.
    May God Bless you!
    You truly deserve a blessing!!!


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