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Black Girls CODE Needs Your Help to Win $50,000 Grant!

I don’t like to play favorites as it realtes to the countless nonprofits we’ve featured on BCG. However, Black Girls CODE (BGC) holds a special kind of place in my heart simply because of it’s uniqueness and opprotunity to create change in the firled of techonology, but also a brighter future for our girls. BGC is now one of three nonprofit finalists nominated for a $50,000 grant in the Bank of the West Innovation in Philanthropy Awards. It’s  very close race BCG fam the organization is (only 40 votes ahead!) for the top prize among two other non-profits and need we need to spread the word and help this amazing organization take home the prize!

With a click of a mouse you can help BlackGirlsCODE secure this grant from Bank of the West as part as their Philanthropy Awards by following these four easy steps:
1. Visit the Bank of the West Facebook Page: http://gowe.st/Philanthropy2012.
2. Look at the BGC video and check out our story.
3. Vote for us and share with others.
4. Come back until TOMORROW NIGHT and vote again.

With this grant, BlackGirlsCODE can continue expanding our workshop to new cities and build a strong foundation on core initiatives that will help sustain our mission.

The organization’s impact in four short months has educated over 500 young girls of color in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through our one-day workshops and week long summer camp sessions. The summer campaign was a great success thanks our supporters and volunteers. By 2015, BGC wants to educate 10,000 girls in computer programming on a global scale and host BlackGirlsCODE chapters in different cities to help us implement after school programs and weekend workshops so we can truly eradicate the phrase “Digital Divide” and truly change the face of tech. Being awarded the $50,000 grant from Bank of the West’s Philanthropy Awards is a pivotal step in the growth of BlackGirlsCODE, we hope you can help BGC reach their goal by spreading this message and by voting every day until the end of the competition.

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