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Los Angeles Teen Shauniece Frazier, Cooks to Gives Back to South Central LA!

Shauniece Frazier, 17 years old, is on a mission to give back in her community. In an effort to meet the needs of those struggling in Los Angeles, Frazier is holding her first-ever donation campaign. This campaign is designed with the goal to raise $250,000 to provide clothes, shoes, food, school supplies, and toiletries to the less fortunate in Los Angeles.

Food, clothes, shoes, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, and other basic needs that are taken for granted, are the very thing that Americans are struggling to provide for their families. Frazier realizes this and wants to do her part in giving these things back.

“It breaks my heart to see my neighbors not able to provide toiletries and shoes for their children, diapers for their babies, food for their homes. I just really want to help,” says Shauniece.

Giving back is no new thing for Shauniece. Growing up, she watched her mother, Claudia Woods, feed and shelter the homeless. These virtues became core values for Shauniece, and over the past few years, Shauniece has adopted a shelter for women and children, and constantly donates top-quality brand-name items to charities and organizations dedicated to helping the homeless in her community.

“I have been blessed to be a blessing, and that’s what I want to do. I want to help and bless others in need,” says Shauniece.

“I really would love to continue to give back in my community. I am very passionate about helping those in need. The problem is that I am not financially able to do so. So I need the help of individuals and corporations so that I may continue to do this work. In the near future I hope to turn this work into a major non-profit organization. In doing so I hope to receive more donations, so that I can help more people. My goal in this press release is to ask for donations from those in my community and across the country, so that I may give back on a larger scale right now. I would use those donations to give back clothes, shoes, food, and toiletries on a much larger scale,” she says.

To see Shaunie’s work, please log on to her website, www.chefshauniece.com

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