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Modern Day Robin Hood, Introducing The Giving Closet!

Inspired by Oprah Winfrey and her Next Chapter announcement, editorial, TV & red carpet wardrobe stylist Sam Russell leaves Hollywood to plan the next phase of his personal journey. His traveling mission is to surprise women in need with $10,000 worth of work & personal attire. In collaboration with various non-profit organizations whose focus is supporting disadvantaged women, randomly selected women are surprised with a complete new wardrobe upgrade.

The complete rack of clothes for chosen women include designer dresses, tops, handbags, jewelry and even pajamas in some cases.

Each surprise give-away is unique and specific for the selected woman. Every garment and accessory is carefully selected and personally chosen by Sam. His talented eye for imaging has been tapped by such recognizable personalities as Stevie Wonder, Jon Hamm, Chuck Lorre, Sophia Bush, Melora Hardin, Jeannie Mai and Donna Mills, to name a few.

The Giving Closet is a marriage of fashion and human interest stories. All fashion brands that donate products should be given proper same-page credit in print media. The actual “reveal” can be captured in dramatic form through arresting photography and can be even more exciting when announced live on AM News programs.

The Giving Closet Goal:

To remind larger fashion brands of the importance of giving back and to equip women in economic crisis with the means to increase self-esteem, provide for greater personal empowerment and economic success.

Desirable fashion is no longer for the elite. The Giving Closet proves that fashion does have a heart! To learn more about this fashionable giving endeavor visit www.givingcloset.net.

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