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Sports Agent Leads Reading Attack With Readers Create Leaders Organization!

Readers Create Leaders was started in 2012, by DJ Fisher, founder of Defining Sports, Sports Marketing Agency. DJ represents and markets nearly 30 professional athletes, mostly consisting of WNBA players. DJ created the program from inspiration from his late Grandmother, Helen Fisher, who was known for her writing, reading and public speaking.

“Every time I would see her, rather in bed, at the kitchen table, church, everywhere she¬† went, you would find her reading. She encouraged us to read, and she was awesome at writing poems. I created this program to inspire, encourage and motivate kids with the help of professional athletes that reading is important and it will take you places. Many kids will find themselves not listening to their parents or teachers, but in today’s world, the biggest influence on children is professional athletes and entertainers.

Knowing that these pro athletes come from a background similar to their own is encouraging for the students. It allows them to gain confidence and be encouraged to pursue and reach their goals.

“I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, home of Gale Sayers, Lynette Woodard, Barry Sanders and many other pro athletes,” says Fisher. I asked myself if they had come back to encourage us, would I have as many friends, dead, on drugs, in prison? Or would the presence of these athletes inspired the next generation?

Readers Create Leaders was launched in his hometown in partnership with the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame, Wichita Public Library and Wichita Public School District. “I’m excited, to date, I have Ohio, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Oklahoma promoting Readers Create Leaders,” said Fisher.

Way to Give Back DJ!

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