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Meet BCG Change-Maker Prince Kwateng of Karma Gift List.

 BCG is always looking for the change-makers and do-gooders who are walking the path of all things good! Meet our newest change-maker Prince Kwateng of Karma Gift List.

Tell me more about Karma Gift List? How did it get started? What drives your passion behind your charity? Karma Gift List is a free social gifting platform that allows non profit organizations to create gift list for items that will benefit their organization and more importantly, their members.  We also allow non profit organizations to receive passive donations through their members everyday shopping. (from users and members who shop on our site)

We really believe that social gifting is the next phase in fundraising and, as a society; we are always willing to support a cause that means something to us. But if we donate money, it helps to know how that money is being used. Karma gift list provides you that luxury. Organizations make gift lists of items that need and users can purchase a specific item from their list. That way there’s no mystery! If you purchase $100 worth of clothing, you know that people in need of that clothing will benefit from the full amount purchased.

Karma Gift List started when I was tired of being asked what I wanted for my birthday.  I thought it would be a time saver if my family could log into a site and see exactly what I wanted.  I began to think that organizations could benefit from this idea too. They could create gift lists so supporters would know what they needed the most and by spending money on actual goods people would feel a greater connection to the cause.

My passion for charity comes from being extremely blessed throughout my life and my parents always showing me how hard it was for them growing up.  It’s funny because as a 3rd grader I was interviewed by a reporter and he asked me what I wanted to do when I got older and I said, “Build houses for the homeless.”  As I got older and started playing sports I was able to give motivational speeches to children, feed the homeless and spend time at nursing homes.  My motivation for helping those in need is the thought that it could have been me in their shoes. If it were me, I pray someone would want to build me up too.

What annual events will Karma Gift List host to bring awareness/fundraise? In the future we plan on holding workshops for non-profits on how to increase social awareness, an annual event to highlight a few organizations within our network and other speaking engagements. It’s going to be an exciting journey.

 What is the target age group/demographic that the Karma Gift List supports? Karma Gift List is targeting anyone who is interested in making a difference and all shopaholics. Come shop and give to charity at the same time. You won’t have buyers’ remorse; remember it’s for a cause!

How can others get involved with your cause within their local communities? It is really simple to get involved with Karma Gift List.  If you’re involved with a charitable organization and would like to join the Karma Gift List network, just email info@karmagiftlist.com.  We ask that you provide us with the appropriate person to contact within the organization and we’ll go from there.

What are some of your major accomplishments? One of my major accomplishments is being able to turn my passion into a career.  I have been blessed with a great support system that has helped make this possible.

What final words of wisdom would you’d like to share with our readers? Paulo Coelho said, “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  So, always follow your dreams no matter how far off they seem. If you work hard enough you can accomplish even the most distant goals.

To learn more about Prince and Karma Gift List please follow them on  Twitter @karmagiftlist and join their mailing list by clicking this link http://karmagiftlist.com/Register.php.

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