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The Game Creates the Robin Hood Project Giving $1 Million to Those in Need!

The Game Created Robin Hood ProjectRapper, TV Star, Father, Philanthropist… Robin Hood! When I first learned of The Robin Hood Project the brainchild of The Game, I was too hype! Yes!! I said let’s do it Game, $1 Million to those who need it most, can we get 10 more rappers to do this instead of buying Bugatti’s. I’ve been noticing a different side of Compton born and raised Hip Hop star The Game since last year when his reality TV show “Married to the Game” debuted. I started to really dig this dude, I mean he loves his kids and even though they may not yet be married, I can tell he loved his woman and I’m here for it. Alas I am so happy VH-1 who has made a fortune making us look bad think back to those Flavor of Love Days with woman named “Hotwing”, need I say more,  is airing a few shows to highlight some good in our communities.

Let’s get back to the positivity, the plan for “The Robin Hood Project” was revealed via social media, starting with a post  on Instagram where Game gave his first $10,000 donation to pay for the funeral of  6-year-old Tiana who was shot and killed outside her family’s home last weekend in order to help out with funeral costs. He wrote: “This very sad story hit me in a place nothing ever has. The picture above is of 6 year old “Tiana Ricks” who was gunned down in Moreno Valley this past weekend holding onto her fathers leg as men approached & opened fire wounding both Tiana & her father…. Tiana did not know she was shot & kept asking was her father okay until 2 1/2 hours later when lil Tiana was passed away just after midnite on Sunday… I read about this story here in Australia & immediately tracked down her mother @lost_the_love_of_my_life & noticed her & the family trying to raise $10,000 for funeral costs…. So I got her on a 3 way with my accountant & now I’m in the process of transferring $10,000 from my account to hers !!!!! Follow her now @lost_the_love_of_my_life & show her support thru this tough time…… Prayers are definitely needed. My sincerest condolences to you & your family Marquia. Glad that I could be of some help….. I don’t know what else to say, but @therobinhoodproject got you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TheRobinHoodProject- The Game.

tiana-ricksAwww… tears and my thoughts are with Marquia and her family, this senseless violence has to stop people! The Robin Hood Project is in full effect in Australia while the game is on tour, you can check out the Instagram page which in less than three days already has nearly 100,000 followers, for photos of the random acts of kindness including giving homeless men and women $50 and $100 bills , the smiles on their faces are one word, Priceless. He’s also feeding the hungry which is not part of his $1 million commitment, which might I add he has committed to give before Christmas this year. “One man. One million dollars. One goal. Giving $1,000,000 of my own $$$ to people around the world just because I feel like it, says the Game”  BCG salutes The Game for this endeavor, we love an artist with a heart, I love the fact that he just didn’t write a check to one or two causes, but that he is giving back hand to hand, to the people that need it the most! Be sure to visit the Instagram page and see for yourself and do tweet The Game and tell him good job!

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  1. Emma Martin

    I think you are doing a great thing I have a serious problem I live in Kankaee Il I just saw tou on TMZ my son is 22yrs.him and a friend was walking home and the police stopped them they arrested my son on an alledged breaking I went to his bond heaing bond was set @ 50,000 5,000 to get out I DONT HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY so I went to another bond hearing they reduced it to 25,000 2,500 to walk my son has no criminal record but he was a heart problem and he’s a boardline bleeder mean’s his blood dont clot as normal people do i don’t have that kind of money im disable i’ve gone to family member’s but know help the wold case is mistaken idenity  everything I’m telling can be verified please HELP me a loving mother of 6kids and 10 grandkids hope to hear from someone

  2. TONY

    The Game ?????. Man im 51 yr’s old and listen to the some rap. Look youg blood the only thing i know about u is what i see on social media and i miss judged u. I dont surport 99.9 percent of rappers because they/we knwo pain better than most. but u sir, im down. This has been my dream for not just rappers with j/z rich azz doing nonthing, but all well off black folks to do what your doing and from what i see now, non of them can hold a candle to you real time. Im a community activist for 20 yr’s and a right to blast all the celeb’s thats not with your quest.
    Man i make less than 40k a year and been helping whom ever in any way. My girl friend has cancer and the medical bills has bottum us out financaily yet we still do what your doing. You have black, yes i said black folk here in st louis sitting on hundreds of thousands if not millions and dont do a damn thing to help others.
    Brother i wish you could tract me down so we can talk, i know a lot of crazy people put stuff on line and fake but i dont just dont want to commend u for your effords i want us to go straight to the same people your i/we are helping and touch,huge,love them in person. Try me. I look like the hardest thug, non pun intended, yet your commpasion is bigger than life. Thats the kind of people in my circle and trust me it’s small. Young man if i never hear from you, your hear from me through my $2 to $20 dollar donations.
    Stay Black
      Tony From Sick Azz st louis

  3. maggieb

    This is an outstanding concepts especially from affluent African-Americans it is long in coming. Thank you, Thank you.
    i know a lady with two children in immediate and urgent need please contact me so that I may put you in contact with her.

  4. Daniel Davis Sr

    This is a great thing for the people that are in need in trajic times. I have 2 kids that go to school with a girl Hevin Thomas who was in a four wheeler accident on Oct.5 in Towanda Ks. she had a 3% chance to come out of the coma. Life support was left on for she would be able to donate her organs. On Oct 7 at 4:09 she was taking off of support and the procedure to donate organs were then underway. Hevins family like most families didnt have any type of insurance and cannot afford a funeral and the expenses that goes along with a funeral like a cemetary plot headstone casket or even a place to have it. Every family that looses a loved one exspecially at a young age (Hevin was 16) needs a place to go a remember her life with them on earth. Doing a cremation there wont be a special place for the family and friends to go to.I would like to submit this to The Game and the awsome Robinhood Project Campaign he has just to see if this family could get some desperate help they need at this time. A blessing for them would maybe take some of their pain away for they cant start the greiving instead of worring about the things they can not change for their daughter Hevin. Thank you to The Game and all that he has done for these families in need,to his Campaign workers to make sure everything is done and God Bless to All.

  5. December 4, 2013 7:27pm 
    Season Greeting:
    I was mesmerized to see you, and your beauitful daughter on the Arsenio Hall show aired 12/3/13. To hear about your project of helping those in need. I no of a young man whose rising his son along. He lost his job this pass Oct. 2013. He’s strugglin, he’s sacrificing his needs in order to keep a roof over their heads. He’s  saving his unemployment checks to pay his rent for the following month. Friends of mines including myself shop second hand stores for clothing, and puzzles for his son. We have inform the young man of certain food organziations giving out food donations on certain days of the week. If you can help this young man in any way possible. I no for a fact he & his son would be so appreciative of your generosity.
    Thank you
    Savannah, GA

  6. What’s up Game and family,
    My father and myself started a non-profit organization in the Bay Area to stop gang violence and teach our young adults critical thinking skills. The program is called the Aquarius Project. We’ve been working with the highest risk young gangsters in the south bay.  We also worked in the juvenile court system, where we advocated for reduced sentences and no strikes for our clients in juvenile hall and the detention centers.
    We have an 11% recidivism rate, which means our program works.  We train our clients to understand the justice system and how it applies to the way they live! We teach our youth the capitalism and how it applies to getting locked up. How the system is meant to take your freedom and make money off your incarceration.  We teach them how to handle a police officer, how to see bad situations unfold in front of you and side step the shit! We keep it real and especially honest. We have learned if your not honest with your clients, they will not trust you. If they don’t trust you, they won’t listen to you. Our clients trust us, which allows us to mentor and teach the real life skills. I lost one client who was murdered on some gang shit last summer. That’s the only client of ours that has been murdered since 2008.
    In short we need some f*cken money! We save lives every day and city and county people don’t want to pay for it & the people we help are poor!  

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  8. Jacqueline Sharp

    I would like to say thank you . I watch your show  and follow the  robin hood project i needed your help in something i something that is call  myasthenia Gravis but many people dont know what it is. It is autoimmune disorder of the signal from the nerves the muscles is blocked.as  result the muscle cannot move and become increasingly weaker. Over the past 10 years i have learn to live  with but dont know and i needed you help to show people there is still life on the other side . That why i am saying thank you ..

  9. Tiffani Le John

    Dear Mr Game
    My name is Tiffani, im a — mother of 3 that has Multiple Sclerosis.  i have two older children and my third and  last is 8 that has never in her life gotten the opportunity to experience/ enjoy het childhood with her mother.  The things a parent does with her child such an teach them how to ride a bike,  or even playing hopscotch i’ve not had that chance with her… im not the person that  looks for handouts or beg for help but i’ve seen your show and it touched me.  i commend you for your giving back!  you are a bonified blessing. !  if you ever have the time to read this can/will you consider helping me ?!  Thank you for allowing people like myself to have someone we can  consider a blessing. 
    Sincerely, Tiffani

  10. Game,
    Im so glad to hear of all the ways you give back to the community but most of all what a great father you are ! I have a very special friend who is your biggest fan she says you are her Tv hubby lol. Her name is Tia and she has stage 4 thyroid papillary cancer that has now moved into her cheek and behind her eyes. She has a four year old daughter and comes to work everyday dressed to kill inspite of the cancer. She is the strongest  person I have ever met, she gives 110% everyday. She recently had surgery to remove the cancer and is having complications. Please I’m just asking for your presence not any money. We live in Atlanta and it would mean the world to her to meet you and the world to me to be able to give this gift to her to keep inspiring her to continue to fight this invasive cancer and beat it’s ass!!!!  Thank you for your consideration,

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