About Black Celebrity Giving

BlackCelebrityGiving.Com is frontier in providing news, videos and photos of celebrity philanthropy, nonprofit organizations and causes that directly correlate with the black community. It is our goal to enrich the lives of others through good news on black celebrity philanthropy, nonprofits, causes, grants and inform people on issues affecting the black community including: spotlights of black and missing people, available grants and tips on giving back. On this site readers will enjoy uniquely-uncommon positive content that will inspire social change and feature the most up-to-date news on Black Philanthropy.

In the community Black Celebrity Giving is a grassroots movement with one goal – change the world, starting in our communities. Throughout the year BCG hosts national cause campaigns and initiatives to get people involved in creating social change in their immediate surroundings.

Founder/Editor/Chief Visionary
Black Celebrity Giving (BCG) was created by Jasmine Crowe in 2011. The idea for the site came from the vivid awareness of a lack of media coverage of not only black celebrities, but also black people doing positive things to impact our communities. Jasmine has always enjoyed volunteer work and has aligned with causes that include: girls, mentoring, going green, literacy, childhood obesity, cancer research, high school dropout prevention and countless other causes close to her heart. Jasmine is actively involved in fostering social change through her nonprofit consulting services and speaking engagements. Her number one goal for BCG is to remain committed to providing conscious content and making sure BCG plays its role in changing the world.

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